White Paper Template for Financial Services (MS Word)

What is a financial white paper? A white paper promotes a certain product, service, or methodology to influence current and prospective customer or investor decisions. Three main types of white papers include backgrounders, numbered lists, and problem/solution white papers. Source: Investopedia. Download this Financial White Paper template if you plan to write a white paper […]

10 Step Disaster Recovery Plan

Where to start if you have to create a disaster recovery plan from scratch? We recommend that clients identify the most important items first – that is, what must be recovered – then look at how to recover the other assets you’ll need to get up and running. In this tutorial, we’re going to look […]

4 Social Media Policies For Small Business

Now that business and Social Media are getting closer, we need to find ways to introduce Social Media policies so that employees understand what is expected of them when working on sites like Facebook and Twitter. 4 Social Media Policy guidelines To get your Social Media guidelines in place, follow these steps: Define your company philosophy – you […]

White Paper template for Learning, Education & Training (MS Word)

Download this template if you plan to write a white paper about the Learning, Education or Training Industries. This template includes sample text to get you started, instructions on how author the white paper, and royalty-free images for your cover sheet. Use the following MS Word template to write your next White Paper for the education, […]