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1 Minute Writing Tips – How to Edit a Technical Document (with AI)

When writing technical documents, especially those that have gone through multiple revisions, what you initially set out to write and what appears in the review document may differ. In addition, you’re probably fatigued from wordsmithing the text and want to move on to something else. Nonetheless, as your name is on the document, it’s critical that you can stand by what you’ve written.
So, let’s look at how to review a technical document. Before I start, it’s assumed you’ve spellchecked the text, checked your sources, and so forth.

How to Write Better Executive Summaries with Google Gemini

AI tools can be very helpful in drafting and reviewing executive summaries. Writing executive summaries plays to AI’s strengths in that it summarizes material you’ve provided and structures it accordingly. It has no reasoning or creative elements involved, which is where AI struggles.
So, with that said, let’s look at how to start writing executive summaries using Google Gemini, my personal go-to AI tool. You can follow the same steps with Claude and Microsoft Bing if you prefer.

Using Google Gemini to streamline the Software Requirements Specifications Writing Process

Writing business requirements? This guide shows you how AI (Google Gemini) can help draft, write, and review your SRS docs. Don’t worry, it won’t replace you, but save time, improve quality, and free you for strategic tasks.

Google Gemini – How to export answers to Google Docs

You can export responses from Google Gemini to Google Docs. This is very helpful if you want to save your material for team projects and share the results of your query with other team members.
In this Google Gemini training course, we’ll look at the basics of how to use Gemini, then work up to more complicated scenarios where you can integrate it into your daily operations.