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4 Social Media Policies For Small Business

Now that business and Social Media are getting closer, we need to find ways to introduce Social Media policies so that employees understand what is expected of them when working on sites like Facebook and Twitter. 4 Social Media Policy guidelines To get your Social Media guidelines in place, follow these steps: These are four guidelines to […]

3 Social Media Policy Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re writing Social Media Policy Documents for LinkedIn, then you need to include guidelines that show staff how to interact with others so that they do not, by accident, cause any damage to the company. Social Media and LinkedIn LinkedIn is different than Facebook. It’s a professional network. People come here to do business […]

7 (More) Must-Haves For Your Social Media Policy

Here are seven more Social Media policy guidelines that help clarify what is Social Media and how it can be used correctly. These guidelines work when they are practical, useful and easy to apply. Here are twelve ways to get started. There are other points that need to be addressed too. Can you suggest some […]