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Case Study Writing: Does Your Marketing Message Resonate with Buyers?

Do you customers understand the business value you’re offering them? Are your marketing messages convincing customers that the price you’re charging offers excellent value for money? In other words, is your messaging working? If not, how do you fix it? Download 19 Case Study templates in MS Word format 19 Case Study Templates for only $19.99 […]

19 x Business Case Study Templates (with tutorial)

If you use case studies to promote your business, attract leads, and convert prospects, the following templates will help. Our business Case Study template download includes 19 pre-formatted MS Word documents, which can be easily modified to meet your next project. You also get a free 21 page tutorial on How to Write a Case Study and […]

Case Studies: How to Get (and Retain) Prospective Clients’ Attention

Prospective customers are interested in case studies if they are relevant to their needs, specific in terms of industry/sector/role, and backed up with measurable facts. Case studies that are general, vague, and lack measurable data are ignored. Construction Case Study template Case Studies: Getting Attention As a case study writer, what challenges do you need […]

5 Case Study Writing Guidelines

Why is it so hard to write a case study? I think it’s to do with three things: identifying your reader, knowing the topic, and presenting the material correctly. Construction Case Study template 5 Case Study Writing Guidelines Let’s look at five ways to improve the structure of your next case study. #1 Background Assume […]

Which Case Study Template Should I Buy?

Which case study template is right for your business? It depends… However, here are some things to consider when you choose which template to buy. Energy Case Study template Which Case Study Template Should I Buy? We got an email today regarding the best template for writing case studies. Here’s a few pointers: 1. Who […]

How to Structure a Business Case Study

In this tutorial, we describe how to structure a business case study, typically the type of document that will form part of a marketing effort. Unlike other business documents, such as white papers, the structure of a case study is a little different. The difference is two-fold: one is that the sequence is not linear. […]

How To Gather Information for Your Case Study

Use the following questionnaire to capture the necessary information to write your case study. This questionnaire is designed to help case study writers work with their clients to gain a deeper understanding of how the implementation solved their specific problem. It suggests a series of questions you can ask your client to learn more about […]

5 Benefits of Writing Case Studies

Case studies are the first reference document decision-makers turn to when researching a new product, according to market research firm Gartner. For prospects, case studies are an effective way to identify potential solutions that may address their requirements. For this reason, small businesses owners should consider developing a library of case studies to capitalize on […]

7 Case Study Writing Tactics

Do you use case studies to influence prospective customers? My guess is that you do as case studies are one of the most effective ways to soft sell technical products. But are you getting the response you’d expect? If not, then this tutorial will help. Technology Case Study 19 Case Study Templates for only $19.99 […]

How To Use Case Studies To Position Your Business

How can you position your business in a crowded market? Case studies are an effective way to demonstrate your expertise, provide insights, and attract new leads. Let’s see how it works. How To Use Case Studies To Position Your Business How do you justify the expense of writing case studies? Well, it must show that […]

How to Write a Medical Case Study

In this tutorial, we look at how to write a case study for a medical product or service. The most effective case studies on medical products are 500 to 800 words and focus on how the product improves the treatment of patients. Success stories on how the product increased productivity, saved money, improved regulatory compliance […]