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How To Write Online Help For eCommerce Websites

Summary: Write web content that is easy to scan, keyword rich, and provides immediate answers to customer queries. To help users find information quickly use short headings, front load keywords, and categorize related content into sub-headings. Writing Documentation for SaaS and Web Applications Use the following checklist to document all aspects of a web application. […]

Release Notes: Best Practices with Salesforce and Dropbox Examples

This tutorial explains how to write, format, and publish release notes. It also shares best practices, guidelines and examples from Dropbox and Salesforce. Download: Release Notes template package with 2 pre-formatted templates in MS Word. Download Now for $7.99- Buy Here! Learn more about these Release Notes Templates Download a MS Word Release Notes template here. […]

Screenshot Guidelines for iOS, Android, and Technical Documents

Summary: The quality of your screenshots affects how customers perceive your products, use your software, and deal with error messages. The following guidelines can be applied to different types of technical and business documents. The final section provides screenshot guidelines for Android and iOS applications, for example, if you want to submit apps to Google […]

How to Teach your Kids to Code

Imagine if your kids built games instead of playing them? It’s probably easier than you think once you have a framework in place and some guidelines on how to start programming. Try this: Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming For the last three years, I’ve been teaching kids how to […]

White Paper Templates

Fro those involved in Sales or Marketing, Klariti ( have just updated their White Paper templates. In the IT industry, white papers and case studies are often produced in tandem, as they are both used as sales collateral. However, white papers, its important to note, are not technical documents per se. From a business viewpoint, […]

4 Mistakes in the Vendor Selection Process

Matthew Gnabasik in his book “Smart Choices: Selecting and Administering A Safe 401(k) Plan” provides some good advice on common mistakes in the vendor selection process. Download Now for only $19.99 [ Learn more about these Proposal Templates ] The site have paraphrased some of them. Not Asking Enough Tough Questions: You decide to ask for […]

11 Techniques to Increase Page Views on Your Blog

Darren Rowse is a must read for anyone interested in making money from blogging. “At least one commenter on the previous post noted that they are happy with a low page view count because it could mean people are leaving their blog by clicking on an advertisement and thereby earning them money. While there could […]