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How To Project Manage Your Husband

Should you project plan your family? What goes on the critical path? Here’s an idea. Bruce Feiler, the author of The Secrets of Happy Families suggests that to deal with the stress of modern family life, we should ‘go agile’.  Agile is an approach to developing software that based on iterative and incremental development. It promotes adaptive planning […]

How to Reach Goals

Post your goals where you can see them! I learnt this from an Opera teacher in Sacramento. What would she know about GTD and Six Sigma you might ask? Well, she gave me a framework that’s helped me manage conflicting goals. Here’s how it works. How to post your goals where you can see them It’s all […]

10-Step Action Plan to Increase ‘Offline’ Sales

It’s easy to confuse Action Plans and To Do lists? From one angle, they both have the same objectives. What I find is that I often end up with lots of to do lists, which are really hard to keep track of. And, it’s very difficult to see if they’re working or making any real difference. After […]

The Michael Phelps Action Plan Tip

He’d just won. The first time I saw Michael Phelps was the interview that followed afterwards. Somehow I’d missed the race. ‘We’re not there yet.’ What caught my attention – and this came up a lot during the Olympics – was that even though he’d just won his fourth of fifth medal, his focus was […]

How to Improve Action Plans with To Do Lists

To bring your Action Plan to life, create a To Do list in MS Excel. Once you have developed your Action Plan, you need to allocate time to each activity. To Do lists are one of the simplest ways to track, monitor and improve your Action Plan’s tasks. Action Plans: Creating To Do Lists The […]

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Action Plans

If you have never written an Action Plan before, you want to know, how do I get started, what needs to go into the Action Plan, and can you show me some samples? In this series of tutorials, I will help you define your Action Plan; give examples to download; show you how to format your MS Word templates.