Using Buyer Personas to Drive Ecommerce Sales

If you plan to build an e-commerce site, conducting Audience Analysis will allow you to create personas around which you can then build content. Personas as designed using the information you gathered during market research activities. DOWNLOAD Audience Analysis Templates Instant Download – Only $9.99! Worksheets include 130 points you can use to capture demographic date Audience Analysis Template […]

How to Start Writing API Technical Documentation (with templates)

Let’s say you’ve been asked to document a set of APIs, a new area for you. Where do you start? At first this can seem overwhelming. So many new acronyms, terms, jargon, and pieces to fit together. Here’s a suggested approach. DOWNLOAD API Reference Documentation Template Get API Reference Documentation Template If your company develops APIs, […]

19 x Business Case Study Templates (with tutorial)

If you use case studies to promote your business, attract leads, and convert prospects, the following templates will help. Our business Case Study template download includes 19 pre-formatted MS Word documents, which can be easily modified to meet your next project. You also get a free 21 page tutorial on How to Write a Case Study and […]

Business Case Template – Apple iWork Pages/Numbers

Download this Business Case template (iWork Pages 22 pages) to outline the Business Need, Current Process, Services, Expected Benefits, Change Analysis, Cost estimate, Cost/Benefit Analysis, and Project Schedule. Scroll down for business case writing tutorials. Download Apple – Business Case template Table of Contents Download Business Case Template – iWork Pages (22 pgs) Business Case […]

Bill of Materials Template – Apple iWork Pages/Numbers

Download this Bill of Materials (BOM) template pack in iWork Pages/Numbers format. Use it to list the parts for building a product, including software application, infrastructure equipment and physical buildings. It includes 6 spreadsheets in Apple Numbers format which can be easily converted to Excel if you wish. Scroll down for more details. Download this […]

What Are Apple iWork Best Features?

Want to write your documents in Apple Pages and spreadsheets in Numbers? Here are some of the reasons you should switch to Apple iWork today: iWork Main Features Draw and write with Apple Pencil on supported devices, or use your finger. Tap to add tables, charts, text, and images on the free-form canvas. Touch and drag […]

MS Word: How to Plan an Index

MS Word tutorials. In this part of our series on how to create an index, we look at the first step. How to plan the index. What do you need to consider when creating an index, what criteria should you consider, who will use the index, and how will it be structured. MS Word: How to […]

Apple Numbers Templates for Business and Technical Documents

Examples of technical and business documents that use the Apple Pages templates, checklists, and forms.

Apple Pages Tip – Word Count in Pages

Want to count the number of words in an Apple Pages document? Let’s say you’re writing a Marketing Plan in Pages and you want to check the number of words. Learn more about this Marketing Plan template – Apple Pages Apple Pages Tip – Word Count in Pages Want to count the number of words […]

Business Templates for Excel

Klariti offers free business templates as well as professional spreadsheets for your small business. Save time creating templates from scratch by downloading these Excel spreadsheets today. Use these high quality templates to improve the image of your business, and deliver beautiful looking documents to your clients. The templates are easy to use, require no installation […]

Apple Pages Tip – Change Case in Pages

Want to change case when formatting an Apple Pages document? Let’s say you’re writing a user guide and you want to change the case from UPPER to lower, or maybe to Mixed Case. How do you do it? Learn more about this Audience Analysis template – Apple Pages Apple Pages Tip – Change Case in […]

Apple Pages Tip – Insert a Hyperlink in Pages

Want to add a link to your Apple Pages document? Let’s say you’re writing a business plan and you want to add a link to some market research. Learn more about this Action Plan template – Apple Pages Apple Pages Tip – Insert a Hyperlink in Pages To add a link: Select the word or […]

Apple iWork Numbers & Pages Templates on the App Store

You can now get Apple iWork Numbers & Pages Templates on the Apple App Store. Every week we update the Klariti iWork Template App is on the iTunes App Store with special offers, discounts, and free templates. Numbers · ‎Pages · ‎Business Templates · ‎Finance Templates What is Apple iWork? iWork is Apple’s productivity software […]

Excel Template – Cash Flow Forecast (With Conditional Formatting)

Use this Excel Cash Flow Forecast template to record how much money is going in and out of your business. What is a Cash Flow Forecast? A Cash Flow Forecast is a forecast of how much money you expect to bring in and pay out over a period time, typically 12 months. Sample data, instructions, […]

Excel Template – Balance Sheet Projected

Download this excel balance sheet template to project your annual earnings. Balance Sheet Projected Template Download Excel template Download: Balance Sheet Projected Template File format: Excel How to use the Excel template Enter values in each of the columns. The financial numbers are calculated automatically. Related MS Office Templates Action Plan Template Business Plan Template Software […]