White Paper Template for Renewable Energy Industry

Update: June 19 2024.

Why write a white paper for the renewable energy?

Right now, government bodies are looking at alternatives to traditional energy sources, such as oil. For this reason, companies with products and services related to renewable energy are increasingly in demand.

However, there’s a lot of competition in this space. One way to gain attention is to write a white paper which addresses a specific pain point. This will raise your profile and give you an edge over your competitors.


Here’s five reasons to publish a white paper for renewable energy:

  1. Educate stakeholders: A well-researched white paper will serve as an authoritative source of information. People will download and share it with colleagues. You can also use it to educate stakeholders (i.e. policymakers, investors, industry bodies) about trends, technologies, and challenges in the sector. Think of it as a position piece in your marketing arsenal.
  2. Establish thought leadership: If you present in-depth analysis, insights, and recommendations, your white paper will help position your company as a ‘thought leader’. This will enhance your reputation, leading to potential clients and investments.
  3. Promote your technologies: Use it paper to highlight the advantages and benefits of specific technologies, potentially leading to sales.
  4. Influence regulations: Your white paper can regulatory bodies to shape policies and regulations that support the adoption of renewable energy technologies, possibly yours.
  5. Attract funding: Investors rely on well-written documents to make informed decisions. Your white paper can help attract investment by presenting a compelling business case for the viability of renewable energy projects.

White Paper Template

Download this template if you plan to write a white paper about the Bio Energy Industry. This template includes sample text to get you started, instructions on how author the white paper, and royalty-free images for your cover sheet.

Use the following MS Word template to write your next White Paper for the Bioenergy/Renewable Energy Industries. This template has been specifically designed for the Bio Energy industry and comes with a royalty-free image on the cover page.

Bio Energy theme – ideal for environmental, health, and energy-related white papers. Bioenergy is one of the largest contributor to renewable energy through heat generation, and is expected to play a significant role in displacing fossil fuels, especially in the commercial and industrial sector.

15 White Paper Templates

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In the following section, we provide screenshots of this template.

Executive Summary

Benefits Chapter


Download All 15 Templates

The template pack includes the fifteen templates for the following industries and layouts:

  • Automobile
  • Construction
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  • Environment
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  • Nature
  • Colorful template design (multiple images on inside pages)
  • Network
  • 2 Column Layout
  • Standard Blue
  • Technology
  • Urban
  • Visionary

What’s in the template pack?

When you buy the product, you will be sent a link to a ZIP file. This contains the following files:

Click here to download the white paper templates.

Note: The 15 x Template Pack contains ALL of the templates listed on the sales page.

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Technical Specifications

  • Number of Pages: 27 Pages
  • Format: MS Word
  • Import to Apple Pages and Google Docs
  • Contains pre-built Styles to help you format the document
  • License: unlimited usage
  • Royalty free images
  • Virus free
  • No installation files, macros, or plugins. Simply open in Word and get started

White Paper Writing Tutorials

If this is your first time writing a white paper, try the following tutorials to get started.


Watch the following video tutorials on how to write, format, and design a white paper.

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