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2 Web Writing Mistakes You Can Fix Today

Do you remember the first time one of your friends showed you how to write a text message—and explained why verbs had become such old-hat? It broke the rules. But it made sense. Writing for the web also requires a fresh approach. For example, taking material from a newspaper and pasting it into a web […]

How to Write Meta Descriptions for Small Business Websites

Learn how to write meta descriptions that encourage potential customers to visit your small business website? The meta description is a type of sales pitch. Short, to the point, and interesting. Do your meta descriptions do their job? Do you know what their job actually is supposed to be? It’s the snippet readers sees in […]

How to Write Better Search Engine “Sorry, No Results” Webpages

In this web writing tutorial, we look at how to improve the text displayed when a search engine returns no results. In other words, we are going to write content that will help the user find the content on your website by suggestion how they can improve their search query, alternative methods to search the […]

How to make Matt Cutts fall in love with your blog

Put yourself in Matt Cutts’ shoes. When people click Search, you give them the best results. How do you decide what really is the best? Understanding this is the key to creating content – not just text – for Google. It’s after quality. Yes, I know, there are exceptions to the rule but after blogging […]

Why I write for Google not Humans

Should you write with specific keywords in mind? SEO experts will say Yes. Keyword density is frequently promoted as a guaranteed way to rank high on Google. Maybe it works but I’m not convinced. The problem with writing with specific keywords in mind is that the result is cold, awkward, and ineffective. I know it’s […]