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How to use ChatGPT to Respond to RFPs

I’m increasingly using ChatGPT for different writing related tasks. To be clear, I’m not asking it to write original text for me, rather to help with the support tasks, such as research, analysis, proofing, and validation.

This is the first in a series of articles on how to use ChatGPT – Google Gemini and Claude are just as effective – to refine your response to RFPs.

How to Create a ‘Bespoke’ Training Plan using Google Gemini

One of the most practical applications of AI is its ability to create ‘bespoke’ training plans. The limitation of most training courses is that they are too generic, cover material you already know, and fail to provide the level of detail you want.
In this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through how to create a tailored training plan. To give it some context, I’ll develop a plan to upskill a remote IT team. I’m using this as an example as increasingly we’re working as part of remote teams, and I suspect that coordinating the onboarding, upskilling, and development for remote workers can be quite challenging. While there are a lot of generic training materials out there, how do you find a way to carve out a bespoke plan for your team?

How to Write User Stories Manually v with Google Gemini

For Product Managers, using AI to write user stories offers several benefits, namely, Efficiency, Consistency, and Scalability.
Whether Google Gemini, ChatGPT or Claude, you can quickly produce multiple user stories, saving time compared to manual writing. If you provide with strict writing guidelines, it will follow a consistent structure and format, ensuring uniformity across all your user stories.

Using Google Gemini to streamline the Software Requirements Specifications Writing Process

Writing business requirements? This guide shows you how AI (Google Gemini) can help draft, write, and review your SRS docs. Don’t worry, it won’t replace you, but save time, improve quality, and free you for strategic tasks.

12 Step Action Plan to Future-proof your IT Job from AI

Creating an action plan to protect your career from AI’s impact is crucial as it transforms the IT industry, specifically roles which will be party or fully automated. In this tutorial, I’ll look at the types of roles most at risk and the steps you can take to 1) protect your job and 2) find ways to capitalize on this opportunity.