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Business Templates

Business Case 22 pg template includes Need, Process, Cost/Benefit Analysis $9.99 Buy Now
Business Continuity Checklists, forms and guidelines required for continuity $19.95 Buy Now
Business Plan 40 page template in MS Word and 10 free Excel spreadsheets $19.99 Buy Now
Business Process Capture processes for technical & operations. Visio $9.99 Buy Now
Business Requirements Capture current and future needs of your business $9.99 Buy Now
Business Rules Define tasks, clarify actions and remove ambiguity $7.99 Buy Now
Communication Plan Identify writers, audience, topics, dates, delivery, issues etc $7.99 Buy Now
Employee Handbook 100 samples pages incl Employment, Benefits, Payroll, Harassment, Disciplinary, Policies and Safety $9.99 Buy Now
Policy Manual 43 sample policies, checklists, templates and spreadsheets. MS Word 68 pages $19.99 Buy Now


Proposal Development

Expression of Interest Starting point in procurement process and identifying bidders $3 Buy Now
Proposal Manager Templates 25 Excel & Word logs, forms, checklists, and templates $9.99 Buy Now
Proposal Template Template to write business proposal or respond to RFP $19.99 Buy Now
Request for Proposal Includes sample formats for Bidders and Suppliers $14.99 Buy Now


Sales and Marketing Templates

Action Plan Prepare goals, budget, schedule & actions. 14 MS Word & 7 Excel $9.99 Buy Now
Audience Analysis 30 page MS Word template and an MS Excel spreadsheet with 130 entries. $9.99 Buy Now
Case Study 6 templates with tutorial, forms and case study checklist $19.99 Buy Now
Grant Proposal Outline Statement of Need, Goals, Budget, Evaluation, and Metrics. Free Cover Sheet, Cover Letter & Forms $14.99 Buy Now
Market Research Identify goals, targets, data collection, analysis, and report $9.99 Buy Now
Marketing Plan Deliver a blueprint for marketing success. 5 Word + 10 Excel $19.99 Buy Now
Social Media Policy Policy documents for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs and more $4.99 Buy Now
White Papers 5 MS Word templates with tutorial on how to write white papers $9.99 Buy Now


Software Testing

Acceptance Test Plan 21 page Word template outlines steps required to prepare an ATP $9.99 Buy Now
Software Testing 50 Word + 27 Excel templates Includes Test Plan, Logs, Forms, Reports, Test Case, Script, Report $49.99 Buy Now
Test Plan Define approach to development, integration, qualification, and acceptance testing $9.99 Buy Now
Quality Assurance Plan 39-page Quality Assurance Plan template in MS Word, Audit checklist, Schedule forms, and 7 Excel spreadsheets. $9.99 Buy Now


Software Development Templates

API Documentation 28-page MS Word template + 16 page How to Write API Documentation tutorial. $14.99 Buy Now
Acquisition Plan Document the acquisition of hardware, software, infrastructure, and networks. $9.99 Buy Now
Availability Plan Use this template (MS Word 26 pages) to describe how your system will be made available by capturing the hardware and software aspects of your solution setup 9.99 Buy Now
Bill of Materials  Use this BOM template pack (MS Word & Excel) to list the parts for building a product, including software application, infrastructure equipment and physical buildings. 9.99 Buy Now
Capacity Plan Capture the IT resources required to support the functionality and performance requirements of your IT systems when operating at full capacity $9.99 Buy Now
Change Management Plan Create a plan to address all aspects involved in change management procedures; help clients manage risk associated with the implementation of complex changes. $19.99 Buy Now
Concept of Operations Document the information needed to fund a proposed system $7.99 Buy Now
Configuration Management Plan Describe how to configure software and hardware items. Provide a framework for managing your Configuration Management process and implementation. $9.99 Buy Now
Concept Proposal The first document in the Software Development Lifecycle. Highlight where strategic goals are not being met or where performance needs to be improved. $9.99 Buy Now
Contingency Plan Outline the steps to control an emergency or disaster. MS Word + 9 Excel spreadsheets. $9.99 Buy Now
Conversion Plan Document the roll-out of the data conversion strategy. Describe resources responsible for converting the data $9.99 Buy Now
Cost Benefit Analysis Define approach to development, integration, qualification, and acceptance testing $9.99 Buy Now
Database Design Define approach to development, integration, qualification, and acceptance testing $9.99 Buy Now
Datasheet Define approach to development, integration, qualification, and acceptance testing $9.99 Buy Now
Design Document Define approach to development, integration, qualification, and acceptance testing $9.99 Buy Now
Deployment Plan Describe how the system will be implemented, including software, conversion, and training $9.99 Buy Now
Disaster Recovery Plan 32 page DR plan with Impact Analysis, Damage Assessment & Reports. Document the process, policies and procedures to prepare for recovery or continuation of services following a disaster. $9.99 Buy Now
Disposition Plan Explain how to dispose of an IT system correctly. Describe how the development and distribution of the Disposition Plan will be controlled and tracked. $7.99 Buy Now
Documentation Plan  Plan, schedule, & budget your technical documents $9.99 Buy Now
Error Message Guide Shows users how to resolve error messages $1.99 Buy Now
Fact Sheet Overview of product, program, issue, event or topic $4.99 Buy Now
Feasibility Study Determine economic potential and compare against other projects. A feasibility study investigates the potential benefits of a project $9.99 Buy Now
Functional Requirements Capture functional requirements and perform task analysis; define a function of a software system or its component $9.99 Buy Now
Implementation Plan Describe the different tasks which must be accomplished to implement the new system. $9.99 Buy Now
Interface Control Document Document relationship/protocols between components $4.99 Buy Now
Installation Plan Use this template when installing software and for the preparation, training, and conversion from existing systems. $9.99 Buy Now
Maintenance Plan Detail change control, configuration, testing & issues $9.99 Buy Now
Needs Statement Describe business need or deficiency, solutions, and costs $9.99 Buy Now
Operations Guide Document procedures and information required run a system, product or application. Includes scheduled operations, tasks, troubleshooting, audits, tables, charts, and matrices for monitoring, backups, scheduling $9.99 Buy Now
Project Plan Capture project execution and project control tasks. Identify when and how project’s objectives will be are achieved by depicting products, milestones, activities and resources. Includes Free Work Breakdown Structure spreadsheets $9.99 Buy Now
Release Notes 17 page template with sample material for Changes to release notes, Scope, System Requirements, New Features, Dropped Features, Fixed Issues, Hotfixes, Known Issues, Limitations & Restrictions, Caveats, and Deployment Instructions. $9.99 Buy Now
Risk Management Plan Document the risks to which your project is exposed. Identify, evaluate and prioritize risks. 5 Free Excel Risk Management Plan Templates $9.99 Buy Now
Scope of Work Define processes and work required to complete your project, including justification, work products, deliverables, objectives, assumptions, and limitations. Word Template (20 pgs), 2 Excel, WBS and Risk Log $9.99 Buy Now
Security Plan Review security controls when system modifications are made. Reduce security vulnerabilities related to systems configurations. Provide guidelines to establish system security & privacy requirements $9.99 Buy Now
System Design Document Transform requirements and functional design into specs $9.99 Buy Now
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Sample materials including Scope of maintenance, Financials, Reporting, Terms and Conditions, Service Level Agreement, Expected Growth, and Costs. Define Scope, Financials, Reporting, SLA and Costs $9.99 Buy Now
Setup Guide Help customers install software successfully $4.99 Buy Now
Software Development Templates 60 templates (570 pages) of software development templates that cover all phases in the software development lifecycle. Includes Design, Feasibility Study, SRS, Development, Installation, Maintenance, Project, Test, Transition and Disposition. $197 Buy Now
Software Requirements Specification Capture scope, objectives, functional requirements. Assist users in determining if the software meets their requirements. Encourage stakeholders to review requirements before design begins $9.99 Buy Now
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Includes SOP templates, Guidebook, Log Book, Document Control, Clarifications and spreadsheets $9.99 Buy Now
Statement of Work Describe deliverables or services to fulfill a contract. Identify business objectives, such as completion criteria, risk assessment, constraints, impact analysis, success measures, critical success factors, project roles and participants $9.99 Buy Now
System Administration Guide Define procedures for starting and shutting down systems, monitoring performance, installing programs and operating system updates $9.99 Buy Now
System Boundary Ensure that requirements satisfy the business needs. Identify areas outside of scope due to budgetary or resource restrictions. $7.99 Buy Now
System Specifications Document the system’s Characteristics, Partitions, Functions, Environment, Diagnostics, Data, Reports, Security, Control Points, Vulnerabilities, and Safeguards. $9.99 Buy Now
Technical Writing Templates 15 templates for technical writers to write better technical documents. $29.99 Buy Now
Training Plan 18 page MS Word and 14 Word/Excel forms, checklists, questionnaires, and spreadsheets $9.99 Buy Now
Transition Plan Identify transition planning strategies. Schedule the transition from rollout to full operational status. Outline tasks required to transition products. $9.99 Buy Now
Troubleshooting Guide Help users detect & correct problems with software $4.99 Buy Now
Verification and Validation Plan Determine whether the products of a given phase in the software development life-cycle fulfill the requirements established during the previous phase $9.99 Buy Now
Use Case 9 MS Visio templates. 29-page tutorial, and free Excel Data Dictionary. $9.99 Buy Now
User Guide 5 User Guide templates with free checklist and forms $9.99 Buy Now
Work Instructions Includes How to Write Work Instructions Tutorial $7.99 Buy Now