5 Case Study Writing Guidelines

Why is it so hard to write a case study?

I think it’s to do with three things: identifying your reader, knowing the topic, and presenting the material correctly.

Construction Case Study template

5 Case Study Writing Guidelines

Let’s look at five ways to improve the structure of your next case study.

#1 Background

Assume that the case study reader has never heard of your client.

For this reason, use the background section to identify the client, specify the particular sector, location, or industry they’re in, and other details that will put the rest of the document in context.

For example, mention that they have many operators in the field, the number of regional offices, or partners – anything that will be alluded to later in the case study.

In the second paragraph, discuss why they choose to take this plan of action. Was there a specific reason? Use this to lead up to the series of challenges that follows in the next section.

#2 Introduce the company

Identify the pressing concern at that given time

Lead into the challenges they were facing because of this.

#3 Challenge

Identify the primary challenge they were facing. Then add the lesser, but also important, secondary challenges. By increasing the range and scope of challenges, you increase the likelihood that one of these will apply to your target reader. But don’t go too wide. Keep it focussed.

#4 Solution

Use the correct brand names. Note trademark and copyright symbols.

Explain Why the client chose the solution (and, if relevant, at that point in time).

Did you win the contract based on previous work, in response to an RFP, or do you have a specific technology that resolved a certain requirement?

#5 Benefits

You need to provide statistical evidence that demonstrates and quantifies how your product adds value.

What did it improve? E.g. the number of orders processed in a single shift, number of transactions, more customers

What did it reduce? E.g. number of hours to process an order, the number of staff required to complete a task, licence fees, maintenance costs, support, security, storage costs etc.

and a bonus step!

Next Steps

Now that they’ve implemented the solution, what do you expect them to do next? This helps close the case study and leave it on a positive note.

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