21-Page Case Study Writing eBook

Struggling to write your first case study?

It looks so easy until you sit down and try to do the actual writing.

Well, the good news is that we’ve got you covered. As you’ve probably seen, we’re refreshed all the case study templates AND to get you up and running include a 21-page tutorial.

It covers quite a lot. From developing personas, creating the structure, to checking that it’s all in place. I think you’ll like it. Scroll down to take a peek at the screenshots.

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Klariti – How to Write Case Studies ebook

How to Write a Great Case Study

If you’ve been commissioned to write a case study, or are interested in starting a lucrative career as a marketing writer, this 21 page tutorial should give you a solid understanding of the fundamentals involved. The tutorial explains:

  • What is a Case Study
  • Why write a Case Study
  • Length, Format and Presentation
  • How to Structure your Case Study
  • Areas to Highlight
  • Last Words

Case Study tutorial Table of Contents

What is a Case Study

How to Gather Information for your Case StudyHow to use storytelling in your Case StudyHow to Define the Case Study format

How to layout your Case Study

Case Study Information Gathering Form

It also includes an Information Gathering form to gather information for your case study, such as your client’s background, partners involved in the project, and technical aspects of the technologies deployed in the solution. Once you have this information at your disposal, you are in a much stronger position to begin your case study.

Overcoming Case Study Writer’s Block


Looking for a few suggestions to start writing:

  • Research and identity the type of personas in the target organization that you want to reach.
  • Craft personas that reflect each of their needs.
  • Use storytelling techniques to create a connection with the reader that encourages them to read more, and, by degrees, begin to engage with you.
  • Develop themes around their values and weave these into the narrative.
  • Provide evidence in the case study that your product has worked for your clients. Quantify this success.
  • Close with a subtle call to action that nudges the reader towards making contact.