Which Case Study Template Should I Buy?

Which case study template is right for your business?

It depends… However, here are some things to consider when you choose which template to buy.

Energy Case Study template

Which Case Study Template Should I Buy?

We got an email today regarding the best template for writing case studies.

Here’s a few pointers:

1. Who do you expect to read this?

Is it journalists, motorcycle enthusiasts, or those coming from a technical capacity, such as designers.

2. Where will they read it?

If they will read it on the web, then use less graphics and more text. Consider any possible bandwidth issues they may have.

3. Will they print it out?

If so, remember to include your physical address and low-call telephone numbers.

Actually, I’d strongly suggest that you encourage your reader to print your sales collateral whenever possible.

If it looks good, and I’m sure it does, then it will reflect positively (i.e. on your core brand values) whenever someone sees it one a meeting table, in a convention foyer, or in a media pack.

19 MS Word Case Study Templates

With that said, you might want to look at Case Study Pack we offer at: http://klariti.com/case-study/

This includes screenshots of all the templates so you can see what your getting in advance.

The following screenshots are of the 19 case study templates which are included in the Case Study template pack.

Case Study for Construction projects

Case study for Architecture projectsConstruction Case StudyFashion Case Study TemplateHigh Finance Case Study TemplateHeath and Education Case Study Lifestyle Case StudyEngineering Case StudyBusiness Case StudyTechnology Case Study

Artistic Case Study (Chinese Dream of the Red Chamber)

Construction and Building Case Study

19 Case Study Templates for only $19.99

Case Study Templates

PS – You may also want to look at the White Paper template pack.

Many of our customers seem to prefer their look and feel, especially the black and red designs.

Again, we have screenshots so you can so what’s on offers.

Green Energy theme – ideal for environmental, health, and energy-related white papers.

 White Paper templates – MS Word and Excel