NEW – Business Architecture Document Template (MS Word)

Sean here from Klariti. Hard to believe it’s almost May. This year is really shooting by. We’re working on a series of business-related templates at the moment.

If you’re involved in the developing the business case for a new project or looking for funding for a new product, you might find this template useful. 


This template will help you answer the following questions:

  • Why do I need business architecture?
  • Who is responsible for business architecture?
  • What is an example of business architecture?
  • What is the aim of business architecture?


Use this 27-page MS Word Business Architecture Document template to serve as a blueprint outlining the structure, components, relationships, and processes of your organization’s business architecture. This MS Word template provides a detailed understanding of how your business operates, its objectives, strategies, functions, and capabilities.


The Business Architecture Document will help you with:

  • Alignment: It aligns business strategy with operational capabilities to ensure that all components of your organization work towards achieving its goals. It helps stakeholders understand how various business elements contribute to overarching objectives.
  • Communication: It helps facilitate communication among stakeholders, including executives, managers, employees, and external partners. It ensures everyone shares a common understanding of the organization’s structure, processes, and goals.
  • Decision Making: It provides insights for decision-making processes. By presenting a holistic view of the business, it enables informed decision-making regarding resource allocation, process improvements, technology investments, and organizational changes.
  • Change Management: The document helps manage organizational change by providing a baseline for assessing the impact of proposed changes. It identifies dependencies, potential risks, and areas where adjustments may be required to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Continuous Improvement: It helps in identifying areas for optimization, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiency. By understanding the current state of the business and its desired future state, stakeholders can identify opportunities for innovation and growth.

Each section in the document contains sample text you can modify for your project.

Download MS Word Template

You can download the template here:

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