Visio – How to ‘Nudge’ Shapes (and not the page)

In this Visio tutorial, we show you how to use the Nudge feature. Nudge is a nice little feature when he behaves. You can use him to nudge, nudge, nudge shapes across the page using the arrow keys. But what happens when he goes rogue? You try to use Nudge but… using the arrow keys […]

Visio – How to Add, Change, and Delete Swimlanes in Flowcharts

In this Visio tutorial, we show you how to add swimlanes to a flowchart. Want to add swimlanes to your flowchart? Here’s how to move them, change their size, and create the flowchart. Visio – How to Add Swimlanes to a Flowchart Open Visio. In the Shapes window, in the Cross-Functional Flowchart Shapes stencil, drag a Swimlane shape onto the diagram. […]

Visio – How to Turn AutoConnect On (and Off)

In this Visio tutorial, we show you how to turn AutoConnect on, and if you wish, to turn if off again. Don’t feel guilty. AutoConnect is great – until it gets in your way. Visio – How to Turn AutoConnect Off If you want to turn it off: Click the View In the Visual Aids group, select or […]

How to Move Chapters in Word (Without Damaging the Format)

Here’s the right way to move chapters in MS Word. Instead of copy and pasting, and losing text and formatting, use the Outline view to move the chapters around. This ensures that you lose no content and that all the formatting is still in place. Here’s how it works. If your page begins with a […]

Visio – How to Automatically Repeat Actions

If you use Visio to create process flows and other types of diagrams, use this trick to save time and get your work done faster. Instead of changing different parts of a shape one by one, you can use the Repeat feature to semi-automate the task? F4 on your keyboard repeats the last thing you’ve […]

How to Add Footnotes and Endnotes to Word (With Screenshots)

In this tutorial, we look at how to footnotes and endnotes to MS Word documents. These help highlight important points, mention related books, writers or texts. Footnotes and endnotes are very helpful in scientific, technical, academic, and business documents, such as RFPs. Footnotes v Endnotes The difference between footnotes and endnotes is that: Footnotes appear […]

How to Print MS Word Styles Definitions

You can print out the details of the styles used in a MS Word template for your own reference, for example, when creating a new set of templates. Instead of having to manually check the style definition, you can print it out and keep the details next to you. How to Print MS Word Styles […]

How to Write Better Search Engine “Sorry, No Results” Webpages

In this web writing tutorial, we look at how to improve the text displayed when a search engine returns no results. In other words, we are going to write content that will help the user find the content on your website by suggestion how they can improve their search query, alternative methods to search the […]

How to Write Standard Operating Procedures (With Templates and Guidebook)

In this following tutorial, we look at how to write standard operating procedures, also known as SOPs. Here are the 9 steps to write SOPs. Standard Operating Procedure Templates (MS Word/Excel) Use these Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) templates to plan, structure, write, and maintain your procedure documents. We designed these templates so they are flexible enough to work across […]

Do you pass the 1 minute freelance writer test?

Think you’re good enough to be a freelance writer? Here’s a quick test (and a framework to stand out from the herd). Google your blog. Click on the first article it shows. That’s what most people will click on. Close your eyes a little bit, like you’re squinting, and scan the article. Now, ask yourself: […]

How to Copy and Paste Correctly in MS Word [Clipboard Tips]

In this tutorial, we look at how to use your Clipboard in MS Word so you have content at your fingertips when you need it. There are lots of hidden power tricks in Word. Learning to use the Clipboard is just one of them. Let’s get started. Using the Clipboard in MS Word 2013 The […]

How to Create an Index in MS Word [Beginner’s Tutorial]

In this tutorial, we look at how to create an index in MS Word. We also explain how to prepare your Word document before you start indexing, the correct way to index items, how to delete an index entry, and how to update the index after you have made changes. Ok, let’s start. So, you’ve […]

MadCap Flare: Displaying Navigation Links in WebHelp Standalone Topics

In this MadCap Flare technical writing tutorial, we look at how to add a navigation link to the top or bottom of topics in HTML5, WebHelp, WebHelp AIR, or WebHelp Plus outputs. This link is not displayed unless the output topic is opened as a standalone. If you click the link, you can view the […]

How to Mark Index Entries in MS Word

In this tutorial, we look at how to mark index entries in MS Word. In other words, how to identify and add text to the index at the end of your document. How to Mark Index Entries in MS Word To create an index, you need to: Mark the entries, Select a design, then Build […]

How to Create an Index for Business or Technical Documents

Is an index old fashioned? With everything on the web, do you even need an index? The first thing. Not everything’s on the web. The second: What’s not on the web often needs an index to direct the reader to relevant content. The third: A good index makes good content even better. It won’t save poor […]