Google Gemini – How to export answers to Google Docs

You can export responses from Google Gemini to Google Docs. This is very helpful if you want to save your material for team projects and share the results of your query with other team members.

In this Google Gemini training course, we’ll look at the basics of how to use Gemini, then work up to more complicated scenarios where you can integrate it into your daily operations.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a tour of the user interface and look at how to perform simple tasks.

In this lesson, we’ll look at how to export – i.e. save – the data Gemini generated into a new Google Docs file. This can be very useful for a variety of reasons. One is that you can create a library of material based on the answers Gemini gave you. Another is that once the material is in Google Docs and Sheets, you can share it and collaborate with other team members.

Team Collaboration and Workflows

I’m using Google Gemini to create better workflows between tools, such as Google Docs and Sheets.

Here are four ways Gemini helps me speed up the content creation process and reduce manual tasks:

  • Writing feedback and suggestions – Ask Gemini open-ended questions about your content to receive suggestions to improve your materials grammar, structure, and flow.
  • Content translation and accessibility: Translate your Docs content into various languages using Gemini’s translation capabilities to reach wider audiences.
  • Automated tasks and data entry: Delegate repetitive tasks like data entry or formatting to Gemini while focusing on high-level content creation tasks in Google Docs.
  • Summarize meetings and workshops: Use Gemini to summarize meetings or brainstorm sessions documented in Docs and extract key action items.


Before you start – make sure you are logged into Google Docs. In addition, if you’re signed in to Google Workspace, your export options will vary depending on availability and settings.

How do I export Google Gemini response to Google Docs?


  1. Open Google Gemini.
  2. In the text field, type in your question. This is known as a ‘prompt’.
    In this example, I asked it to: “Create a tailored training plan to help marketers learn how to use Google Gemini. Identify the course modules, provide specific actionable exercises, and provide a timeline for completion. For example, a 4 week training plan with 4 modules per week with tests on the final day. Format the response so it can be exported to Google Docs with limited reformatting required. Use headings, lists and tables as appropriate.”
  3. Click the image icon to upload a graphic if this will help Gemini understand the request better.
  4. Click the microphone icon if you want to dictate (speak) the text. This works quite well on the mobile device, especially if you have headphones with a built-in mic.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Scroll to the end of the screen. Under the response, click Share and Export, then Export to Docs.

    Gemini starts to create the document. A creating document message appears in the lower left corner, so just wait a bit…
  7. Click the Open Docs link in the lower right of the screen.

Google Docs opens automatically. The file name is the actual prompt you entered, so you might want to rename the file if it’s a long string.

To rename it, click on the file name which activities the field where you can rename it.