The Lazy Man’s Guide to Action Plans

If you have never written an Action Plan before, you’ll probably want to know: how do I get started, what needs to go into an Action Plan, and can you show me some samples?

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Action Plans

In this series of tutorials, I will help you define your Action Plan; give examples to download; show you how to format your MS Word templates.

1. Action Plan: Define it

An Action Plan enables you to communicate the goals that need to be achieved to realize your business goals.

An Action Plan must be measurable, practical, and accountable.

2. Action Plan: Format it

To do this, your Action Plan template must include fields for a detailed description of the tasks, to who it has been assigned, the due date, priority, current status, and completion date.

3. Action Plan: Write it

The Action Plan is a means to communicate scope to management.

By communicating your scope of work, it serves as a tool to manage expectations and to assist in the setting of priorities…especially when the projects stack up.

[Learn more about these MS Word and Excel templates here]