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Acceptance Test Plan template

Use this Acceptance Test Plan template to verify that the software meets your customer’s requirements. Use MS Word template to validate that the product meets the customer’s requirements so can accept this deliverable. File Format MS Word version of this Acceptance Test Plan template is here. Apple Pages version of this Acceptance Test Plan template is here. Learn more […]

What Are Apple iWork Best Features?

Want to write your documents in Apple Pages and spreadsheets in Numbers? Here are some of the reasons you should switch to Apple iWork today: iWork Main Features Draw and write with Apple Pencil on supported devices, or use your finger. Tap to add tables, charts, text, and images on the free-form canvas. Touch and drag […]

What is Apple Numbers?

Numbers is a spreadsheet app designed for iOS mobile device. Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it includes support for Multi-Touch gestures and Smart Zoom so you can create spreadsheets on the go. It includes 30 Apple-designed templates for home office, small business, education, with free checklist, invoice, mortgage calculators, and more. Functional […]

What is Apple Pages?

Pages is a word processor that lets you write, share, and distribute documents. You can use Apple Pencil on your iPad to add comments and illustrations. With real-time collaboration, your team can work together on Mac, iPad, iPhone – even on a Windows PC. Employee Handbook template for Apple Pages Download Apple Templates You can […]

How to count the number of words in an Apple Pages document

Want to count the number of words in an Apple Pages document? Let’s say you’re writing a Marketing Plan in Pages and you want to check the number of words. Learn more about this Marketing Plan template – Apple Pages Apple Pages Tip – Word Count in Pages Want to count the number of words […]

How to Change Lowercase to Uppercase in Apple Pages

Want to change case when formatting an Apple Pages document? Let’s say you’re writing a user guide and you want to change the case from UPPER to lower, or maybe to Mixed Case. How do you do it? Learn more about this Audience Analysis template – Apple Pages Apple Pages Tip – Change Case in […]

250 Apple iWork Templates – Numbers and Pages

If you use Apple Pages or Numbers, download these lovely new templates. Custom designed in Pages and Number means beautiful tables, lists, and formatting. All look and great on your iPad, Mac, iCloud and Apple devices. Apple Pages templates Apple Numbers templates Royalty-free templates / No plugins, macros, or special programs to install / Instant download / 60-day […]

Vorlage Business Case – MS Word or iWork Pages 22 Seiten

Verwenden Sie diese Vorlage Business Case (MS Word or iWork Pages 22 Seiten), um die Geschäftsanforderungen , Aktueller Prozess, Dienstleistungen, der erwartete Nutzen, Change Analysis, Kalkulation, Kosten- / Nutzenanalyse und Projektplan zu skizzieren. Learn more about these business case templates Apple iWork Business Case Templates Business Case Templates You get two templates in the zip […]

Plantilla de Plan de Acción – MS Office + Apple iWork

Utilice esta plantilla para el Plan de Acción Identificar lo que quiere lograr, priorizar y realizar un seguimiento. Este paquete de plantillas de plan de acción incluye una plantilla de 14 páginas y 7 hojas (14 page template y 7 spreadsheets) de cálculo para organizar sus actividades del cronograma. Plantilla de Plan de Acción – […]

Modèle de Plan D’action – MS Office + Apple iWork

Utilisez ce modèle de plan d’action pour identifier ce que vous voulez accomplir, hiérarchiser et suivre. Ce pack d’action de modèle de plan comprend un modèle de 14 pages et 7 feuilles de calcul pour organiser vos activités de planification. Utilisez ce modèle pour: Portée la grande image – décrire ce que vous voulez accomplir […]

Aktionsplan Vorlagen – MS Office + Apple iWork

Verwenden Sie diese Vorlage zum Aktionsplan fest, was Sie erreichen wollen, zu priorisieren und zu verfolgen. Dieser Aktionsplan Template-Paket enthält eine 14-Seitenvorlage und 7 Tabellen Ihren Zeitplan Aktivitäten zu organisieren. Aktionsplan Vorlagen – MS Office Aktionsplan Vorlagen – Apple iWork Verwenden Sie diese Vorlage auf: Scope das große Bild – umreißen, was Sie mit Ziel, […]