Conversion Plan Template (MS Word)

Use this Conversion Plan template (19 page MS Word template) to document your conversion types, security , strategy, data conversion , tasks, planning, and conversion requirements.

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Conversion Plan Template

Conversion Plan Template: Blue Theme

Example of the styles, format, chapters, and document structure

Executive Summary

A more detailed look at what needs to be captured in the Executive Summary

In this chapter, we document the conversion requirements and then the project schedule to accomplish the tasks

This screenshot gives you an example of the layout, specific styles to highlight risks, issues, warnings and so forth

Conversion Plan Template: Red Theme

The contents of the red theme are the same as the blue version. You can easily modify the styles, colors, and layout, if you wish.

Conversion Plan Template

Conversion Plan, Approval Sheet

Conversion Plan Template

Chapter 1, Executive Summary

Conversion Plan Word Template

Chapter 2, Conversion Overview

Conversion Plan Template

Chapter 2.13, Conversion Tasks

Conversion Plan Template

Chapter 3, Conversion Requirements

Conversion Plan MS Word Template

Chapter 4, Project Schedule

Conversion Plan Template

Chapter 4.3, Assumptions, Constraints, and Dependencies

Conversion Plan Template

Chapter 5, Conversion Support

Conversion Plan Template: Table of Contents

1.  Executive Summary
1.1 System information
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Scope
1.4 Benefits
1.5 Policies, directives and procedures

2 Conversion overview
2.1 Conversion description
2.2 Type of conversion
2.3 Security considerations
2.3.1 Security features
2.3.2 Security during conversion
2.4 System installation strategy
2.5 [Installation Task Name]2.6 Conversion strategy
2.7 Hardware conversion strategy
2.8 Software conversion strategy
2.9 Data conversion strategy
2.10 Data conversion approach
2.11 Interfaces
2.12 Data quality assurance and control
2.13 Conversion tasks
2.13.1 Conversion planning
2.13.2 Pre-conversion tasks
2.13.3 Conversion [task name]

3 Conversion requirements
3.1 Input data
3.2 Specifications
3.3 Output data
3.4 Validation
3.5 Site [identifier #]3.6 Site schedule
3.7 Site-specific procedures

4 Project Schedule

4.1 Project Milestones
4.2 Risks
4.3 Assumptions
4.4 Constraints
4.5 Dependencies
4.6 Roles and Responsibilities

5 Conversion support
5.1 Software
5.2 Hardware
5.3 Facilities
5.4 Personnel
5.4.1 Personnel requirements
5.4.2 Training of conversion staff
5.5 Other factors to consider

6 Appendix
6.1 Glossary of Terms
6.2 Acronyms and Abbreviations

Conversion Plan: Format & Contents

The template is in Microsoft Word format.

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