Configuration Management Plan Template (MS Word)

Use this 24 page MS Word Configuration Management Plan to:

  • Define Configuration Tasks, Configuration Items and Configuration Management Repositories
  • Resolve open problems and system Change Requests
  • Describe the Configuration Management organization structure, personnel, facilities needed, and equipment and tools used
  • Establish the method for defining control items, the method for configuration control, and the list of control items
  • Describe how documents are named and identified for components, revisions, releases, etc
  • Describe the process for submission and retrieval of controlled items within the project

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Configuration Management Plan: Blue MS Word Theme

The following screenshots show the contents of the MS Word templates. Note that the content is the same in both the Blue and Red themes.

This gives you an overview of the contents and layout of the Configuration Management Plan template

Here we have the table of contents and the Introduction chapter of the Configuration Management Plan template

Another example of the styles, tables, formatting, contents and layout

In the second chapter, Organization, we describe how to structure the configuration management team, roles, tools and so forth

Chapter 4 helps you document the configuration controls

    and the next chapters looks at how to document the configuration status, audits, and reviews

Configuration Management Plan: Red MS Word Theme

This template has the same content and offers a nice red and silver color scheme. The colors can be easily changed by updating the styles.

Configuration Management Plan

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 1, Introduction

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 2,Organization

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 2.2, Roles and Responsibilities

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 3, Configuration Tasks

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 4, Configuration Control

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 4.7, System Change Requests

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 5, Configuration Status Accounting

Configuration Management Plan

Chapter 6, Configuration Audits & Reviews

Configuration Management Plan: Configuration Audit Report

Configuration Management Plan

Configuration Management Plan: Configuration Item Record

Configuration Management Plan

Configuration Management Plan: Maintenance Form

Configuration Management Plan

Configuration Management Plan: Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

1.2 Background

1.3 Scope

1.4 Benefits

1.5 Applicable Documents

2 Organization

2.1.1 Configuration Management Office

2.1.2 Configuration Control Board

2.2 Roles and Responsibilities

2.2.1 Responsibilities of the Configuration Control Board

2.2.2 Responsibilities of the Configuration Control Board Chair

2.2.3 Responsibilities of the Configuration Management Office

2.2.4 Responsibilities of the System Engineer

2.3 Policies, Directives and Procedures

2.4 Tools

3 Configuration Tasks

3.1 Configuration Identification

3.2 Configuration Items

3.3 Configuration Item Identifier

3.4 Baseline Management

3.4.1 Functional Baseline

3.4.2 Design Baseline

3.4.3 Development Baseline

3.4.4 Product Baseline

3.5 Configuration Management Repositories

3.6 Vendor Control

4 Configuration Control

4.1 Change Classifications

4.2 Identification of Proposed Changes

4.3 Documentation of Proposed Changes

4.4 Evaluation of Proposed Changes

4.4.1 Processing Urgent Changes

4.5.1 Requirement Baseline Changes

4.5.2 Production Baseline Changes

4.5.3 Process Baseline Changes

4.6 Problem Resolution Tracking

4.7 System Change Requests

4.8 Configuration Management Libraries

4.9 Release Management

4.10 Version Control


5 Configuration Status Accounting

5.1 Status Account Data

5.2 Audit Trail

5.3 Status Summary Reports

6 Configuration Audits and Reviews

6.1 Configuration Management Process Audits

6.2 Configuration Management Baseline Audit

6.3 Operational Readiness Reviews

6.4 Functional Configuration Audits

6.5 Physical Configuration Audits

6.6 Peer Reviews

7 Configuration Plan Maintenance

8 Training

9 Appendix

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Download Now for $9.99

Download Configuration Management Plan Template

Template Specifications

File Format: The template is Microsoft Word  (.docx) format.

Page Count: 24 Pages.

Images: All of the images in the templates are copyright free.