How to Start a Career as a White Paper Writer

Want to get started as a white paper writer? It mightn’t be as hard as you think.

If you have good (not necessarily perfect) writing skills, in-depth knowledge of a product, service, or industry, and have the right attitude, then maybe you should consider writing white papers to earn extra income.

Due to the recession many of us have lost our jobs or face the prospects. Maybe getting a job is difficult where you live. Or, for example, if you’re a Work At Home Mom (or Dad) finding practical ways to make extra income can be difficult.

That’s why I’d like to look at white papers and show you how this could be one way to generate an extra income stream with little or no investment.

What’s the catch? Besides effort, not much.

Video – Examples of how to write white papers

What’s a white paper?

[Read this Tutorial – White Papers: 14 Writing Guidelines]

The original meaning of white papers goes back to government position papers.

However, today the definition of white papers has changed and it’s now seen as a type of sales document usually with a technical or financial angle.

In other words, it’s written as an investigation into a specific area, for example, broadband speeds, and highlights the expertise of the company who authored the document as an authority in an understated way.

Essentially the company is saying, “Hey, we’re the experts in this area and to prove it we’ve written this primer about broadband speed. Contact us if you want to learn more.”

What does writing white papers really mean?

It usually works as follows:

  • You, the white paper writer, either know something about the subject matter -for example, if you have a degree in finance, then you could write about forex, trading, investment, credit card and so on –or have the ability to skill up fast and learn enough to grasp the topic.
  • You interview other experts at the company. I use an Information Gathering Form to learn as much as I need from these subject matter experts.
  • You prepare a draft.
  • This is sent for review.
  • Changes are made.
  • You work towards a final draft.
  • Graphics, imagery, formatting and production follow next.
  • Published!

if you’d like to learn more about writing a white paper, read these tutorials.

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