How to Write Meta Descriptions for eCommerce Websites

Learn how to write meta descriptions that encourage potential customers to visit your small business website?

The meta description is a type of sales pitch.

Short, to the point, and interesting.

Do your meta descriptions do their job? Do you know what their job actually is supposed to be?

It’s the snippet readers sees in the search results.

Don’t copy and paste the first sentence of your blog post and use it as your meta description.

Rewrite it as a sales pitch like this.

  1. Identify the main benefit to the reader if they visit your site.
  2. Identify the product or service you want to promote.
  3. Write the meta description in MS Word. 3-5 sentences.
  4. Remove adjectives, jargon, clichés, and filler. Tighten the prose as much as possible.
  5. Reduce to 3 sentences. 1 short, 2 medium.
  6. Instill a sense of urgency in the reader. E.g. download this free white paper before its’ a paid subscription.
  7. Reduce to 1 sentences. 1 short, 1 medium.

That’s it.

If you write the meta description in the right way – interesting, intriguing, slightly salesy – you can use it on social media to promote the blog post.