How to Write 7 Blog Posts in 7 Days

So, you wanna blog every day, huh?   Sure, you do. Sure, you do…. Ok, before I show you how to write blogs posts every single day, including weekends, let’s back up for a second and look at WHY you might want to do this, what benefits it offers, and also the possible downside to […]

25 More Free eBooks on Social Media

Last week we shared some free ebooks on Social Media. I’ve found twenty-five more and share them below.Some are by Chris Brogan, SEObook, Skellie (personal favorite) and Stacie Mahoe. Most are PDFs.

20 Free eBooks on Social Media Strategy

If you’re looking for some guides on Social Media, in particular how to use Facebook and Twitter for marketing, then these 2ofree ebooks including Brian Solis, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, and John Jantsch will get you started.