Action Plan Template (Apple iWork Pages)

Use this Apple iWork Pages Action Plan template to identify what you want to accomplish, prioritize, and track. This Action Plan template pack includes a 14 page template and 7 spreadsheets to organize your planning activities.


  • Scope the big picture – Outline what you want to accomplish with objectives, budget, time and tie each deliverable to an action step.
  • Break out smaller tasks – Assign tasks to team members. Consider the deadlines in terms of allocating resources.
  • Create a list of action steps – For each task, prepare a list of to-dos ranked in sequential order.
  • Prioritize – Some steps are more important that others. Prioritize steps based on deadline, task, and the number of steps remaining.
  • Communicate – Circulate the plan to team members that have been assigned tasks.
  • Complete deadlines on time – Estimate when tasks will be finish based on the rate of action step completion.
  • Track results – Evaluate performance and implement continuous monitoring procedures to ensure the project stays on track.


  • Action Plan Template – iWork Pages (18 pgs)
  • 5 Year Action Plan – iWork Numbers
  • Action Plan Log – iWork Numbers
  • Action Plan – IT Plan – iWork Numbers
  • Continuous Monitoring – iWork Numbers
  • Performance Indicator – iWork Numbers
  • Performance Measures – iWork Numbers
  • Responsibility Matrix – iWork Numbers

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