NEW: 10 Business Proposal Templates (MS Word and Excel)

Since we started the site in 1997, the business proposal templates have been the most popular by far. The User Guides come second.

However, for some reason, we didn’t update them for quite a while. Not sure why as we do a lot of freelance proposal writing and should (read: will) add more proposal writing tutorials to the site soon.

So, why am I telling you this?

Two reasons:

  1. Instead of the 3 templates in the last pack, you now get 10. And, imho, I think some of these are quite nice. A bit more modern and I think a better layout. There’s actually 2 layouts for those who prefer to ‘classic’ style and also more ‘smart causal’ business writing style.
  2. For now, the price is still USD 19.99. I’m just saying this as, once we get feedback on whether people like the design, colors, etc, they’ll probably go up to USD 29.99 for the ten pack. I might (not sure) offer some of them for $5 each but I’m still in two minds about this. Let me know if you think this is a good, bad, or mad idea.

Proposal Template Screenshots

Here are some screenshot to give you a flavor of the templates. When you download the file, it contains 10 MS Word templates. You can modify these to suit your requirements and adjust them for different projects.

This template is ideal for IT, Consultancy, Energy and other type of business proposals

You can use this green and white design for environmental projects, such as bids related to conservation, nature, green issues and similar activities.

This template of an undersea diver suggests innovation, creativity, social awareness. It can also work for leadership proposals or where you wish to demonstrate that you stand out from the crowd. 

You can use this classic black and white themed template for a range of government, construction, or social themes. 

This striking image of the heavens conveys energy, vision, and creativity. 

This striking image can be used in a variety of RFP responses, from technical, government, to fund raising.

This modern blue and platinum template allows you to add your own image. It can be modified quite easily as an internal report or a similar business document

This abstract template can be used for science, security, software development or construction proposals

This template is quite popular for software development, SaaS, hardware and technical service proposals

This is one of the most popular templates, especially for business consultancy proposals

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2 Excel Templates

Project Costs including sample data

Work Breakdown Structure template with sample data

Learn more about these Proposal Templates ]

Proposal Template Format

The templates are now in MS Word .docx and MS Excel .xlsx.

What type of proposal templates are there?

Like I mentioned, we do a lot of proposal writing. Most is in response for RFPs from government agencies, whereas others are for business consultancy offerings.

For that reason, I’ve created proposal templates that I think will work for:

  • Software development
  • Business consultancy
  • Construction
  • Funding
  • Services
  • IT security
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Government bids
  • Environmental projects
  • Freelance consultancy work

There are also two MS Excel templates for illustrating the Costs and the Work Breakdown Schedule.

I have added conditional formatting to enhance them a little and bring the figures to life. If you want to know how conditional formatting works, let me know.

What templates should we do next?

That’s it for now.

Working on the case studies next, I think…

Are there any templates you think we should create or update?

PS – I’m reading Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca at the moment. What are you reading?