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Need to write a request for proposal but aren’t sure where to start? Read the tutorials, download the templates, and watch the videos. Topics: Proposal Writing / Request For Proposals / Checklists / Style and Format / Executive Summary

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Proposal Writing Course

Sample Clarification spreadsheet template

Proposal Writing

7 Proposal Writing Tips from Donald Trump
What can Donald Trump teach you about business proposal writing?

5 Ways Business Proposals Can Show Value For Money
You know your proposal is good Value For Money. But, you still need to explain why.

7 Essential Ingredients of Successful Business Proposals
Ever notice that the most successful Business Proposals use the same writing formula?

Proposal Pricing Strategies
Should you put your proposal’s final price at the end of the bid or explain the benefits first?

10 Proven Business Proposal Writing Strategies
How do you get the balance between understanding requirements and demonstrating how you will achieve the solution.

How to Write a Proposal in Plain English
This guide explains how to prepare an RFP that readers can digest in one reading.

Sales Proposal Writing: 10 Ways to Increase Bid Success Rate
Sandra asked me how to improve her Sales Proposal win rate. Here’s what we did.

Construction Proposal Writing: 10 Best Writing Formats
Kevin asked me for formatting tips for Construction Proposals.

14 Sales Proposal Do’s and Don’ts
Improve your success rate as a Proposal Writer by focusing on the Bid Plan.

Seven Steps toward a Customer-centric proposal
For proposal writers, responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be quite daunting.

Proposing Which Sells Best: Solution or Products
Successful proposals should focus on the client’s needs rather than your abilities.

Preparing an Outsourcing  Contract
How to negotiate and preparing an outsourcing contract.

How to Craft a Request for Proposal
Only a comprehensive RFP will make it easy for potential vendors to draw up their proposals and save your own time in the long run.

Your First Time Preparing a Request for Proposal
“The term may sound formal or even formidable, but it’s possible to write a very effective RFP by keeping a few key issues in mind.”

How to Write Effective Selling Proposals
How can justify your costs?

This template is quite popular for software development, SaaS, hardware and technical service

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Request for Proposals

Which Expenses Can You Claim?
Request For Proposals must include a section that lists what expenses Government suppliers and successful bidders can claim during the contract.

How to Write the Format section
After you have written the Request For Proposal and published it, the next step is to wait for contractors to submit bids.

Giving your Executive Summary an extra edge

1 Minute Exercise For Writing Great Benefits

Request for Proposals (RFP) Resources


Business Case Checklist

Checklist for Writing Public Policy Documents

Checklist for Writing Business Proposals (RFPs)

Ultimate Proposal Checklist

Business Writing

10 Ways to Format Bid Documents

While Research Proposals are similar to writing Business Proposals, you need to address specific academic or technical requirements in different formats.

Business Proposals: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

In this article, we look at how Bid Strategy, Quality, Presentation, Ideas, Project Management, Background Information, and Financials all play a role in winning or losing your bid.

Academic vs Business Writing

On the morning of a second day of a business writing workshop, one of my participants said, “My wife is an English teacher. When I told her about the changes in writing that you taught us yesterday, she got very upset.

Retention Proposals

Retention proposals for existing clients are some of the most difficult proposals to prepare because the service team often feels in a defensive position, particularly if there have been challenging service issues.

How to Write Business Reports

Some people write business reports the same way as I learned to cook spaghetti.

Government Contract Proposals

Read why Congress has mandated that every government agency must set aside 5% of its annual budget to award in the form of grants to small businesses.

This modern blue and platinum template allows you to add your own image. It can be modified quite easily as an internal report or a similar business document

Style and Format

11 Business Proposal Format Examples

What’s the best way to format your Business Proposal These writing guidelines will help with Sales, Grant, Government and Research Proposals.

Golden Rules before starting your Proposal

Proposal writers often write thigh-speed, under intense pressure to complete the bid on time, and ensuring the all aspects of the response are in agreement with the mandatory RFP guidelines.

Most Economically Advantageous Tender

How Tender Evaluation Guidelines work.

Tender Opening Process

Companies invest considerable resources into their bids and depend on winning contracts to support their business.

How to Prepare the Format of Tender Criteria

After you have polished the final draft of the RFP and sent it out, the next step is to wait for bids to arrive. If you’re working on a large tender, you can get 20,30, 50 or hundreds of bids to arrive on your desk.

Difference between Features and Benefits

The difference between features and benefits is that the “features” focus on what makes the product, while the” benefits” focus on your experience of that product.

Video Tutorials

Video – Executive Summary Tutorial

VIDEO – Writing an Executive Summary for Business Plan

Executive Summary Tutorials

What should be in an executive summary?

In a business plan or technical report, where does the executive summary go? Should the Executive Summary go before the Table of Contents?

How to write the Executive Summary of a Business Plan

In a business plan or technical report, where does the executive summary go? Should the Executive Summary go before the Table of Contents?

Sample Executive Summary for Business Plans

You get one chance to make a first impression. Slow down and pay special attention to the Executive Summary. If investors don’t find it interesting, the rest of your document…

Two Types of Executive Summaries

What’s the difference? Can you get away with a one-page executive summary?

Proposal Templates

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