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11 MS Word 365 short-cuts when writing on an iPhone/Android

Recently, I upgraded to Office 365 and downloaded all the apps to my phone (haven’t tried the iPad yet) so I can close the loop between writing docs on my PC and when away from the office.
So, with that said, I’d made some short video tutorials last night and uploaded them to YouTube. Most are fairly self-explanatory but a few others you might find interesting, especially if you’re switching between Print and Mobile view to review documents.

Q: Why do you really want to run an online business?

Ivan asks if less money, but greater personal freedom, is what encourages people to run their own home-based business. In this video, taken in Beijing’s Capital Museum, Ivan says that working a flexible schedule outside of 9-5 frees up time to do things an office job wouldn’t let him. See if you agree.

[Video] How 3 Minute Videos Help Promote Small Businesses

Why aren’t you using video to create more content? I took this video when heading to a museum in a Beijing taxi. It won’t win any academy awards but it has a certain charm. For me, shooting videos just makes sense. You can always find five minutes to flip open your phone and press Record. You […]

Q: Do you learn faster by reading blogs or watching videos?

I’ll be honest. I didn’t get this video thing until I saw the Khan Academy. It’s incredible. If you commute, you’ll have noticed that everyone seems to be watching videos these days instead of reading the paper. The others are on Kindle. I have an 80 minute commute three times a week. It’s interesting to […]