Excel Template – RFP Bidder’s Cost Matrix

In this Excel template, RFP Bidders can describe the costs involved when replying to an RFP.

Based on information provided in the template, and in the Scope of Work, Bidders can provide the costs required to successfully meet the RFP requirements.

Use this template if you are publishing an RFP, and want to make sure the costs are clearly broken down for the evaluation team. Likewise, as a responder, you can use this to structure the financial costs, rates, expenses, and the price of the base system.

Download Excel template

Download: RFP Bidder’s Cost Proposal Form – excel template

File format: Excel .xlsx

How to use the Excel template

Enter values in each of the columns.

Then, when you have complete all cells, right-click on the charts, and REFRESH the data. This updates the charts.

Template Contents

This template contains the following

Base System Costs

Use this to capture the:

  • Licensing or Subscription fees:
  • Storage costs if applicable:
  • Implementation of the base system:
  • Training:
  • Customer support:
  • Software maintenance if applicable:

Roles and Responsibilities

The next section helps bidders identify:

  • Role
  • Description of Responsibilities
  • Hourly Rate
  • Estimated Hours

Additional Required Costs

Finally, itemize additional costs. Exclude travel costs which will be reimbursed at actual cost if preapproved.

How to Download

Right-click on the link and Save to your computer. We suggest you make a backup, for example, on your Google Drive or Dropbox.

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