How To Use Case Studies To Position Your Business

How can you position your business in a crowded market? Case studies are an effective way to demonstrate your expertise, provide insights, and attract new leads. Let’s see how it works.

How To Use Case Studies To Position Your Business

How do you justify the expense of writing case studies? Well, it must show that it gives you an edge over your competitor, a better foot-hold in your market, or help define your marketing strategy.

Here are three examples to show how this might work for you.

3 Ways to Use Case Studies For Strategic Advantage

A case study discusses a specific business situation which needs to be resolved. In general, it is comprised of four sections:

  1. Situation
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Evaluation

Let’s take a look at some examples:

1. Customer Service – An international airline may realize that its customer service is very poor, for example following an outburst of negative customer feedback. To remedy this it hires a specialist firm to examine their processes, recommend potential solutions, implement the most appropriate service, and then evaluate the results.

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2. Training – Following new Homeland Security legislation, a local government agency needs to update its approach to staff training.

To address this its brings in a specialist training firm to scope the project, prepare a comprehensive course syllabus, train its staff and review the success (or failure) of the implementation.

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3. In response to competitive threats, a high-street retailer may acknowledge that their distribution channels are out-dated and need replacing.

It contacts a recognized consulting firm to discuss the business issues, impact on staff and customers, and the potential negative impact of NOT taking new measures.

Following these discussions it approaches an international specialist firm to rollout an upgraded end-to-end system. Once this project is completed the marketing department is tasked with drawing media and public attention to this strategic project.

Part of the media plan includes preparing white papers and case studies as collateral for editors, journalists, and technology writers.

These three scenarios all offer potential case study material; in each situation, there is a specific problem that needs immediate attention.

How to Write a Case Study + MS Word Template

Tip: Include a benefit in the title of your Case Study.

Rather than simply say, ‘Aerospace Case Study’, add a little punch: Case Study on How Product X Improved Performance by 300% in 30 Days.