How to Gather Information For Case Studies

There is another method of gathering information which is relevant and must be described. It is called case studies and it is the most adjustable of all research designs. At the level that is the simplest, they give descriptive accounts of the case.

Gathering Information For Case Study Research

The subject of case studies is considered to be one or more examples of social existence, such as:

  • Communities
  • Organizations
  • Life histories
  • Families
  • Roles and
  • Relationships

How to Write a Case Study

After the topic of the research is defined, selective case studies can concentrate on particular aspects to refine information. At the level that is the most rigorous;

  • Case studies are created to reach experimental isolation of the chosen social factors or processes within a context of the real life in order to conduct a test of predominant explanations and ideas.
  • Case study research is connected with receiving a roundish picture of a situation from the perspectives of all involved into research people, usually applying a number of methods.
  • Case studies are usually grounded on two or more methods of gathering information. Using multiple evidence lets case studies provide more roundish and full accounts of social processes.

Applying multiple sources of evidence and investigators when the case study either descriptive or explanatory makes it one of the most powerful research designs.

  • This research design is the preferable strategy when why or how questions are being asked, when the researcher has not much control over situation and when a contemporary phenomenon is being focused on.
  • Case studies are  apt when there are no clearly confirmed boundaries between the phenomenon and the context.
  • The case study manages the technically distinctive situation in which there will appear more variables of interest information points, and as one result depends on multiple source of proof, with information needing to combine in a triangulating fashion.

Case Study – Sample Templates