Case Study: Guidelines on Length, Font & Format

Most case studies are between two-or-three pages and in the range of 500-900 words, although some tend to run longer. Try to aim for three pages, and include one large graphic per page. Anything more than this and it begins to feel like hard sell advertising; case studies adopt a more subtle soft-sell approach.

Energy Case Study template / Case Study – Sample Templates

Case Study Structure

Most case studies tend to follow the structure as outlined in the next section.

There are situations where you can adjust this format, but for writers starting out in this area it is best to use this format until you are comfortable with it and then experiment accordingly.

Case Study Font

As case studies are often printed out to be read offline, it’s recommended that you choose an easy-to-read font, such as Arial or Times Roman, and allow a generous font size. Allow yourself plenty of white space.

How to Write a Case Study

You can put yourself at a considerable disadvantage if you use an obscure font, which makes it hard to read or by choosing color schemes that strain the reader’s eye, such as violet text on a white background.

Case Study Text

The classic black text on a white background is hard to fault. Although white text on black has its supporters, if you choose this you may find that many readers will not print out your document as the printing costs will be excessive, e.g. for black ink toners.