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How to Start a Business Blog (with no budget)

How can you develop a blog for your new business? Elli from Botswana wrote in to ask how she could develop a blog writing framework for her new accountancy business. She says, ‘Writing article after article is a bit of a grind. Is there some way I can speed up what I’ve written or re-use […]

A “Failure to Communicate” Plan

What we have here is a failure to communicate. If you’ve seen Cool Hand Luke you’ll know what’s coming next. While no one sets out to intentionally communicate poorly, we’re surrounded with examples where communications fail, are misinterpreted, or create a backlash. So, how do we resolve this? Let’s break it into three stages: Preparing […]

19 Twitter Tips From Tom Peters

You know Tom Peters? The guy who writes all those best-selling business books? I’ve been following him on Twitter for a few months and, as they say, you learn for the best. I’ve looked at how he uses Twitter and try to blend that into the approach I use. And it seems to work. Download […]