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7 (More) Must-Haves For Your Social Media Policy

Here are seven more Social Media policy guidelines that help clarify what is Social Media and how it can be used correctly. These guidelines work when they are practical, useful and easy to apply. Here are twelve ways to get started. Social Media policies must define what “social networking” or “social media,” means as the term means […]

3 Reasons Technical Writers Should Switch To Social Media Writing

If you’re finding it difficult to get work in Technical Writing, then see if you can start a new career as a Social Media writer. The demand is definitely there. I found that it’s relatively easy to find contract work on Social Media sites if you’ve got good technical writing skills and know how to […]

How to Write a Social Media Policy (With Examples)

Struggling to write your first social media policy? Twitter Usage Policy Learn more about these social media policies here Let’s look at how to get started. The first step is to identify its purpose. The second is how it relates to other policies. Once you have defined the purpose, the rest of the Corporate Social Media […]

19 Twitter Tips From Tom Peters

You know Tom Peters? The guy who writes all those best-selling business books? I’ve been following him on Twitter for a few months and, as they say, you learn for the best. I’ve looked at how he uses Twitter and try to blend that into the approach I use. And it seems to work. Download […]