How to Move Chapters in Word (Without Damaging the Format)

Here’s the right way to move chapters in MS Word.

Instead of copy and pasting, and losing text and formatting, use the Outline view to move the chapters around. This ensures that you lose no content and that all the formatting is still in place.

Here’s how it works.

If your page begins with a heading —formatted with a page break before instead of a manual page break between pages — you can move the content as follows:

  1. Click the View tab, then select Outline.
  2. Collapse the view to the heading level used at the tops of pages (for example, Heading 1)
  3. Move (drag) the headings in to the order you want. The content inside the heading moves with it.

Deleting in Outline view

When deleting in outline view, include the heading’s paragraph mark so subheads and text are included in the delete.