Visio – How to Automatically Repeat Actions

If you use Visio to create process flows and other types of diagrams, use this trick to save time and get your work done faster.

Instead of changing different parts of a shape one by one, you can use the Repeat feature to semi-automate the task?

F4 on your keyboard repeats the last thing you’ve done.

For example, instead of manually updating the font, color, or line width to every shape, press F4 to do several shapes at once.

Business Process Template

Business Process Flowchart – 3 Swim lanes with SOX Controls

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Visio – How to Automatically Repeat Actions

Give this a try:

  1. Select a shape.
  2. Change the shape format (for example, line color).
  3. Select other shapes. Hold Ctrl to select more than one.
  4. Press F4.

Wasn’t that amazing?

The shapes you selected now have the exact same line color.