Video: How to Write a Technology White Paper

Summary: A technical white paper discusses the technical issues facing a user and proposed solutions to resolve this problem. 



White Paper Writing Tutorials

Here are nine tutorials to improve your white paper writing.

What are B2B White Papers?

White papers discuss a specific business issue, product, or competitive situation. They summarize information about a topic, for example the results of a survey or study and suggest a ‘proposal for action’, with the research data providing the justification for the action.

Using White Papers for Strategic Advantage

The White Paper has its origins in the diplomatic service where they were public policy statements. In those days, there were typically three papers: white papers; grey papers for informative purposes; and black papers which detailed disavowed clandestine activities.

Why White Papers Don’t Always Work

It’s not easy to write a white paper. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

Guidelines for Writing White Papers

In some ways, the effectiveness of your white paper depends largely on the persuasiveness of your argument combined with a nice, sharp presentation.

How to Write a White Paper

In the IT industry, the white paper has become a popular tool for promoting a new product or service. It’s frequently used in tandem with case studies and other sales literature as part of an overall marketing campaign.

Origin of White Papers

In this article, we’ll look at the history of the white paper. Part of the confusion is that there are two types of white papers

Why Your White Papers Don’t Work?

It’s not easy to write a white paper. And reading them can also be quite a challenge!

Grow Your Business By Writing White Papers

How can you use white papers to generate leads? One of the differences between this document and other types of sales materials is that person who reads it tends to be involved in decision-making.