Video: How to Write a White Paper

Use white papers to create high-value content that generates leads, positions your product in a crowded marketplace, and develops a relationship with prospective customers.

Video: How to Write a White Paper

In this video, we explain how to write your first white paper. Get the template here.

This detailed tutorial (14 min) shows you how to write, improve, format, and review your white papers, with examples and screenshots from Accenture, Samsung, IBM, Apple, and Facebook white papers.

How to Outline your White Paper

Why do we need to create an outline for your white paper?

An outline helps you with the following:

  • Keep track of all the moving parts
  • Identify the main sections at a glance
  • Help you to structure the document
  • Identify gaps
  • Ensure that themes are mentioned in the correct location
  • Help you transition from one idea to the next
  • Ensure you don’t get lost.