How to write first thing in the morning


My wee brain is very slow to start in the mornings. Typing is not easy. Neither is thinking.

Video – Daily Writing Routine

Warm Up Writing Exercises

So, how do you start to write first thing in the morning.

Here’s a few ways:

  • Decide on a specific target, say 100 words.
  • Identify the topic the night before. The will work away in the background while you sleep.
  • Write down the headers, paragraph titles
  • Don’t worry about spelling. Editing is later.
  • Write short sentences. You can fill them out later.

Do this for 10 minutes, then walk away, get a coffee and know that you’ve started.

Come back to what you’ve written and begin to:

  • Expand on each point.
  • Add extra supporting sentences here and there.
  • Include more information to build the article, blog post, or report you’re working on.

This works for me because I tend to write in passes (i.e. phases).

In each pass, I add more and build one layer upon the other.

I can’t write the entire piece from scratch. Or, if I try, what’s delivered tends to be a ramble, without much cohesion, that needs lots of editing.

It’s 6.30 am now and I need to go to work.

Let me know how you write first thing in the morning.