5-Part Business Proposal Writing Course

Looking for a tutorial on proposal writing?

We’ve updated the five part course and added some new sections you may find helpful.

  • Part 1 – are you writing a proposal that customers want to read or trying to promote yourself? You need to highlight your skills but it’s how you frame, position, and empathize with the awarding agency that matters.
  • Part 2 – are you proposing a solution or a product? How you frame your bid in relation to your client’s needs determines how ‘they’ perceive the value of your offering.
  • Part 3 – how to plan your response. What do you need to know BEFORE you start writing about your client, their needs, and also your abilities to respond.
  • Part 4 – understanding the tender opening process.
  • Part 5 – How to write the proposal. This tutorial walks you through the mechanics of writing your first proposal.

Let me know if I’ve missed anything or there’s anything you want us to cover.

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