7 (More) Must-Haves For Your Social Media Policy

Here are seven more Social Media policy guidelines that help clarify what is Social Media and how it can be used correctly. These guidelines work when they are practical, useful and easy to apply.

Here are twelve ways to get started.

  1. Social Media policies must define what “social networking” or “social media,” means as the term means different things to different people.
  2. Social Media policies must describe the consequences for violations of the policy.
  3. Social Media policies should clarify if employees are allowed or disallowed use of specific sites during work time, for example, Facebook which can be used for personal and business activities.
  4. Social Media policies should set guidelines, priorities and expectations
  5. Social Media policy should compliment other company policies, such as Code of Conduct and Employee Handbooks.
  6. Social Media sites should be used to develop business relationships.
  7. Social Media usage should not turn into time-wasting activities.

There are other points that need to be addressed too.

Can you suggest some I missed?

About the Author: Anna Guinness helps companies develop Social Media Policy documents for Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. You can download her Social Media Policy Templates here.