How to Create a Worklist for Work Instructions

In the last tutorial, we looked at how to write work instructions.

You can also create a worklist for work instructions according to the following criteria:

  • Data on the work instructions, such as:
    • Plant in which the work instructions were created
    • Number of the set of control instructions from which the work instructions were generated
    • Processor group responsible for processing the work instructions
    • Control instruction destination to which the work instructions were sent
    • Date and time the work instructions were created
  • Mode of work instructions
    • Active work instructions (no test)
    • Test work instructions
    • Active and test work instructions (all)
  • Status of work instructions, such as:
    • New
    • In process
    • To be completed
    • Cancelled (terminated)
    • Discarded
    • Completed
  • Order data, such as:
    • Order number
    • Resource to which the work instructions apply
    • Basic dates and scheduled start and finish
  • Further material-related data, such as:
    • Material to be produced
    • Batch to be produced
  • The associated inspection lot if a quality inspection is defined for the process order
  • In some cases, a display variant that determines how the list is prepared for display in the worklist

Summary: A Work Instruction is a step by step guide to perform a single instruction. Follow these guidelines to write Work Instructions for IT, Pharma, Biotechnology, or Construction

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