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What is Acceptance Criteria?

Acceptance Criteria are the conditions that a product must satisfy before it can be accepted by a user and passed in the Production phase for deployment. In software testing, you define Acceptance Criteria to determine if a piece of software has passed or failed a specific criterion/criteria.

For example, does the user interface respond correctly when viewed in iOS?

There is no ambiguity here. Either it works in iOS or it doesn’t.

Acceptance criteria defines:

  • When a requirement is complete
  • When a requirement works as expected

Software testers use acceptance criteria to develop automated test cases as part of the continuous integration build process.

When writing acceptance criteria, use the Given, When, Then format.

This helps testers determine when to begin and end testing.

What is an Acceptance Criteria Log?

An Acceptance Criteria Log is an Excel spreadsheet or Word form used by Software Testers to document the success or failure of a piece a work item based on specified criteria.

Purpose of Acceptance Criteria?

The purpose of acceptance criteria in software testing is to:

  • Define a set of conditions which need to be met before a work item can be accepted as passed.
  • Created in the SDLC planning phase.
  • States what needs to be done
  • Written by business analyst or product owner
  • Ensures that the software tester know what a ‘story’ is completed

Product Description

Acceptance Criteria Log – Captures the acceptance criteria when testing each functional area.

File Format

MS Word – .docx

MS Excel – .xlsx

This template is part of the Software Testing Template pack. This set of QA templates is comprised of the following spreadsheets and forms.

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MS Excel Software Templates

Learn more about the Software Testing Templates.

  • Acceptance Criteria Log
  • Action Item Log
  • Business Approval Form
  • Business Approval Checklist
  • Change Control Log
  • Change History Log
  • Change Management Tracking Log
  • Change Register
  • Change Request Form
  • Data Access Control
  • Deviation Control Form
  • Document Control Form
  • Failed Scripts
  • Hardware Inventory
  • Issue Log
  • Issue Submission Form
  • Log Status
  • Open Issues
  • Project Costs
  • Quality Log
  • Recovery Tests
  • Report – Test Summary
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Roles and Responsibilities Descriptions
  • Roles and Responsibilities Matrix
  • Risk Log
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Response Plan
  • Status Report
  • Task Preparation
  • Test Case
  • Test Case Validation Log
  • Test Script
  • Test Script List
  • Test Tracking Report
  • Testing Budget
  • To Do List
  • Unit Test
  • Version Control Log
  • Web Usability Report

MS Word Software Templates

Learn more about the Software Testing Templates.

The QA template pack includes 50 MS Word templates, forms, and checklists:

  • Acceptance Checklist
  • Acceptance Form
  • Acceptance Test Plan
  • Action Item Log
  • Business Approval Checklist Form
  • Business Approval Form
  • Change Control Form
  • Change Control Log
  • Change Request Form
  • Contract Review Form
  • Data Access Control Form
  • Enhancement Request Form
  • Error Log
  • Final Release Report
  • Hardware Test Environment Specifications
  • Installation Completion Form
  • Issue Log
  • Outsourced Project Checklist
  • Quality Log
  • Release Control Form
  • Requirements Testing Report
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix
  • Risk Log
  • Risk Management Plan Form
  • Roles & Responsibility Matrix
  • Status Report
  • System Acceptance Form
  • System Final Release Sign-off Form
  • System Requirements Sign-off Form
  • System Test Plan Sign-off Form
  • Test Case Template
  • Test Case Validation Log
  • Test Cycle Signoff Document
  • Test Evaluation Summary
  • Test Manager Checklist
  • Test Plan Template
  • Test Plan Review Checklist
  • Test Plan Task Preparation
  • Test Problem Record
  • Test Record
  • Test Results Report
  • Test Script
  • Test Script Allocation Form
  • Training Course Evaluation Form
  • Training Requirements Form
  • Unit Test Plan
  • User Acceptance Test Plan
  • User Acceptance Test Report
  • User Interface Checklist
  • Web Usability Test Report

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