How to Create Friend Lists in Facebook

You can organize your friends into different lists in Facebook. For example, you can have a list of family, close friends, tech friends, school friends. Why should I do this? The advantage of lists is that you can find your Facebook friends that little bit faster. Also, if you plan to use Facebook for business, then it’s a smart idea to start ‘segmenting’ as soon as possible.

How to Create Friend Lists in Facebook

In Facebook, Friend Lists lets you create ‘organized groupings of your friends’.

Tip #1 You can filter your view of each list’s separately on your Facebook home page.

Tip #2 Friend Lists let you send messages and invites to these groups of people all at once.

To create and customize your own Friend Lists, follow these steps:

1. Click “Create New List” under the filters on the left side of your home page or your Friends page. Or, click “Create New List” from the “All Friends” tab of the Friends page.

2. Name the list and hit Enter.

3. Add friends by typing their names into the “Add to List” field or select them from the list.

4. Select “Create List” to save your changes.

Tip # 3 if you have more than two Friend Lists, you can add or remove friends from lists by using the drop-down menu that appears next to their names on the “All Friends” tab of the Friends page. See the video and you’ll get the idea.

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