How can I break into freelance white paper writing?


Q: Where can I find work as a white paper writer?

Getting your first project is the hardest. Once you’ve got this under your belt, it becomes easier.

I’d suggest the following:

  1. Setup a 10 page website.
  2. Write about the benefits, sales opportunities, branding development and web traffic that can be made from well written, shareable white papers.
  3. Join groups on LinkedIn where you can ask questions, give answers, and learn more about your area of expertise. Be active, be helpful, and give shout-outs as much as possible.
  4. Write for a non-profit.
  5. Volunteer to write a free white paper for them. Be honest. Explain that you want to build your portfolio and this will help develop your new business.
  6. Contact small companies in your area. Try to identify the decision-maker (not the head of marketing as they may see you as a threat) and see if you can help them. Arrange to meet. Expect to do a little leg work when getting started.
  7. Go to Chamber of Commerce meeting and others local business groups. Have a business card ready (with your website on it) and share this in a non-pushy way. You’d be surprised who’ll, often after a few months.
  8. Contact companies that you just released a new product; even better if you can contact them in advance and help with their marketing drive.
  9. Share tips, tutorials, and free reports online.
  10. It’s not hard, but you have to be active and promote your services.