How to start a career as a white paper writer

Why do companies need white paper writers? Can’t they use their own writers?

Yes and No.

It depends on the size of the company AND its location AND writing expertise.

Not every company has someone who can write a professional white paper.

They may have people in their marketing team who write sales and product brochures, they may have tech writers, but getting someone who can deliver a white paper?

Fewer than you’d think.


I live in Ireland. Small country. 5+ million. There’s a small pool of experienced white paper writers in Dublin.

This means that if I promote myself correctly, companies usually contact me there’s not many other white paper writers in the Dublin area.

So, living in a small town or city can be to your advantage.

My second type of customer finds me online – usually through my personal sites.

We discuss what needs to be done, agree a fee, and start. Sometimes we use Skype, mostly it’s by phone and/or email.


So while the company may have a marketing team, the time and effort it would take them to deliver a white paper – and one that could stand over – may simply be too long and expensive if they get it wrong.

Sometime it’s better to call in an expert.

That’s you!

White paper writing pays better than business or technical writing. If you have experience in either of these, you will find work. But you do have to promote your services. They won’t find you by accident.