How to Send Blogs Posts To Email

Want your Emails to be Blog posts? Want your Blog posts to be Emails? This is why I choose AWeber for email marketing campaigns as it has more power features than Google Feedburner and also helps me do upselling and split testing. One of the hidden features in AWeber is the ability to send an excerpt of the blog post to an email newsletter or send the entire email to your blog. Here’s how to sync these settings in AWeber.

How To Send Entire Blog Posts to Blog Newsletters?

Like we said, one of the nice features of AWeber is the ability to connect your emails to your blog. In other words, every time you send out an email, it becomes a blog post.

And you can flip it around.

Every blog post goes out as an email!

In order to have your complete article content shown in your email newsletter, make these changes:

  • Sign into AWeber
  • Open your blog newsletter template
  • Find the merge word {!rss_item_description}
  • Replace it with {!rss_item_content}

Aweber will now send out the entire blog post to your email subscribers. This is ideal if you want to ‘tease’ the readers into visiting your site. A good idea if you want to get them to take action on your site, for example, buy products from your webstore.

Tip: if you want to send an extract only, then change the setting back again.

The {!rss_item_content} merge the HTML and images from your blog post into the newsletter. Make sure to test your newsletter to make sure the merged HTML displays correctly in Yahoo, Gmail and other email clients.

What other tools let you do this? Maybe there are ways to do this with Feedburner. I’m not sure. Let me know if you have any ideas.