How to Create Your First Social Media Marketing Campaign

Let’s say you want to use social media but aren’t quiet sure where to put your efforts.

You’ve read that others have done great things. You don’t want to get left behind.

But still. There’s only so many hours in the day. Should you be spending time sending out tweets or writing that epic blog post or maybe something else.

Maybe social media is a total waste to time.

It’s not. But, you do know where to pick your battles as they say.

So, let’s back up.

When implementing any type of marketing campaign it is wise to first take a step back and decide how to develop your campaign. Many companies are have made the executive decision to go forward with social media—they just aren’t so sure what to do.

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#1 Decide where your target audience is engaging

Tackling a social media campaign is much like, if not exactly like a traditional marketing campaigning.  The first order of action is to decide where your target audience is.  You could have the latest and greatest product or services in the world, but if your core audience isn’t hearing the message there is no benefit to your company.

According to a study  conducted by Chitika, who broke down the users of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and, their study concluded that:

  1. 47% of Twitter users are there for news
  2. 52% of Myspace users are there for video games or celebrity/entertainment
  3. Digg was spread out between news, tech, and video games

Once you have decided on where your target audience is, you can then go to develop strategies for each site that best fits your company.

#2 Social Tone

The tone of your campaign should be less formal, and more conversational.  This is not to say you should throw out all social etiquette—but rather a “business casual” approach.  People like talking, especially about themselves, but make sure in your campaign you provide information not only about your services, but current events or even industry news.

Staying away from topics such as religion and politics is a good idea as well—especially if you have many clients from diverse backgrounds.  Staying neutral will keep your clients happy and keep you out of hot water.

#3 Define Goals and Measuring Results

Going back to traditional marketing tactics, you need to have a clear objective and measurable goals in your social marketing campaign.  Knowing how effective your tactics are can also help you determine your social media ROI and help you decide what tactics work and which don’t for your company.

Twitter friends determines what they call a conversion quotient, which measures how effective your tweets are on Twitter by looking at how many @ replies you receive as well as re-tweets.  The goal of Twitter for business owners should be to get as many @ replies (gains you exposure) and re-tweets (helps get your link/links exposed). Once you know how effective your efforts are you will be able to decide on the best social media outlets for your business.

Another great tool to use has been developed by Email Data Source.  This tool will allow marketers to measure Twitter’s impact on the traditional brand marketing perspectives of reach, frequency and effectiveness.

This tool seems similar to TwitterFriends in the sense it will help you understand what type of people are re-tweeting you, but explains it in a more traditional marketing way.  This is a great tool for marketers who aren’t familiar with Twitter yet.

#4 Getting Creative
This is always the fun part of any marketing campaign. There are many types of tactics out there that are useful for brand awareness and fun for the customer as well.  Many companies are using quizzes to do this.

Jennifer Stolte, marketing director for Celestial Seasonings (who implemented a Facebook quiz earlier this year) says, “Social media is something that’s really growing. So many people are online, especially on Facebook, so we’re excited to step into the water.”

In the end it is up to you how you are going to run your campaign.


The main things to remember is research and use measurable means for your tactics.  The world of Internet marketing is evolving fast, and it is up to you to keep up.

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