10 Simple Case Study Writing Tips

What’s the hardest thing about writing a case study?

What I’ve seen is that, while the writing is easy, those involved in the writing process often don’t know what’s required of them. They want to help, but how?

For example, the technical guys may not be able to explain the technicalities to the business analyst, or the analyst may not be able to express the finer details from a marketing angle.

10 Simple Case Study Writing Tips

One way to address this is to give some guidelines. Explain what is required of them in simple language. Style guides help too.

1. Start with a powerful headline highlighting the major result or benefit of the project. Provide a short summary that links to the company’s vision or brand values.

2. Introduce the client and the major business problems they faced

3. Explain why the client selected you above your competitors.

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How to write a Case Study

4. Describe the solutions you provided

5. Outline the process used to resolve the issues with supporting diagrams and illustrations

6. List the challenges faced while working on the project

7. Identify the benefits of the solution

8. Highlight the results for the client

9. Include the client’s testimonial and

10. Wrap it up with a nice design and presentation that highlights the important points

How to write a Case Study

Make your case studies realistic

Elaborate the problems faced by the client in a realistic manner and explain the logical solution. Your readers should be able to relate to the case study and feel that – “Yes, I am also facing the same problems with my business.”

Boost credibility by adding client testimonials and quantifiable results

Providing real testimonials adds more credibility than any other content in the case study. High bandwidth has also enables use of video testimonials. Ask the right questions to your clients to get the right answers that you can use in your case studies. To make your results and benefits more attractive, attach a number to it.

Incorporate power words in the case study

There’s a wide list of powerful marketing words available across the web. Some of them are – boost, enhance, guarantee, free, what’s in it for you, transform, secret, new, the top 10, save, increase, reduce, profits, strategies, double, explode, key, and many more. Incorporating such words in your case study will make it powerful without much effort.

Make two versions

Case studies should be created for two types of audiences – the internal team and the external clients and prospects. Professional help should be taken for client-facing case study. You may also make a detailed version and a shorter version. The ideal length of an online case study ranges from 300-500 words.

Case Study – Sample 2 Column Templates