How to Write a Business Use Case

So, you want to write a business use case? In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to write, structure, and format a use case. First, let’s define a business use case and explain how it differs from a system use case.

What is a business use case?

A business use case defines a sequence of actions that a business performs in order to produce observable results for an actor in that business.

It forms part of the user requirements specification, and define the scope of User Acceptance Testing. It describe the business requirements of the system to be developed, that is, from the point of view of a business user, not the underlying technology. In other words, a business use case is used to capture how a customer can make use of the business to get the result they want. For example, if the business in question was a bank, the use case might capture how a customer would apply for a credit card, renew a contract, or pay an invoice.

What’s the difference between a business use case and a system use case?

Business Use Case – The design scope of a Business Use Case is its business operations. It describes how an actor outside the organization, e.g. a customer, can achieve their goal with respect to the organization. In general, it does not mention the technology. It’s more concerned with how the business operates.

System Use Case – The design scope of a System Use Case is the computer system. It describes how an actor, e.g. another software program, achieves a goal with the computer system.

Different Categories of Business Use Cases

According to the Rational Unified Process (RUP), business activities include three main categories of work:

  1. Commercially important activities, often called business processes.
  2. Activities that are not that commercially important, but must be performed, such as systems administration, cleaning and security.
  3. Management work that captures the business’ relationships, such as executive level roles and regular employees.

What is a business use case template?

This Business Use Case template includes instructions on how to write your first business use case instance. It describes the difference between business use cases and system use cases, and provides different layouts you can modify to document your business use case.

Each section in the template includes guidelines to help you populate the template and ensure that your document captures the necessary information to design your business solution.

  • Format: MS Word
  • Number of Pages: 14
  • Language: English

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